TIP plus a TMS

More flexibility and less work.

Why deploy TIP if you already have a TMS? The answer is simple: TIP compiles data from your TMS and other systems and makes these accessible at the touch of a button. You can also use TIP as a simple data capturing platform for your decentralised subsidiaries. This provides you with access to data which are not stored in your systems, e.g. for cash flow forecasting, without Excel-based workarounds. You can also use TIP as a dedicated reporting tool. As a result, you receive not only with tailored reports but it also allows you to process and rapidly analyse huge volumes of data.

Your benefits at a glance:

TIP compiles data from various systems (TMS, ERP, trading systems, market data providers, etc.). This avoids transmission errors, saves time and improves the quality of your reports.

TIP simplifies your data capturing and therefore swiftly and simply connects your subsidiaries to your central treasury department. It also provides all users with simple and efficient access to one and the same platform. This gives you a centralised overview and allows you to check and analyse the inputs made by your subsidiaries.

TIP can analyse data at lightning speed. Even complex reports are at your fingertips within seconds due to the database structure which has been optimised for treasury. The standard TIP solution provides you with a comprehensive package of performance-optimised reports ranging from the dashboard to a simplified overview of all your bank accounts.
If your requirements change, our reports automatically adapt in response. These means that this is no need for updates in Excel which often cause errors and can only be carried out by a single person, or a need for expensive re-programming of your TMS or ERP system for which you have to apply for a budget.
TIP opens up entirely new possibilities to ensure compliance by means of automated data capturing. Authorised signatories, document management and your bank account overview are not only centralised in TIP but also come with an in-built check function.

TIP plus a TMS
This is how it works

The underlying concept of TIP: Leveraging and flexibly analysing available data.

Cash flows, decentralised accounts, etc.

Bank account statements, bank charges

Trading platforms
FX transactions

Providers of market data
FX and interest rates

I/C accounts, etc.

Bank accounts, credit lines, loans, etc.

Even when a TMS is already in use, data often have to be manually transferred and reports for certain requirements have to be laboriously programmed in Excel.
We ensure that all of your data are centrally managed and can also be centrally accessed.
The outcome: fast and flexible reports at the touch of a button.