Survey tool

A direct line to your subsidiaries

The survey tool turns TIP into a key advantage in the day-to-day business of your subsidiaries. This feature turns TIP into a survey tool. Every survey question is possible – from issues such as the quality of banks or working capital to the use of electronic banking systems. You receive rapid and simple access to all of the information that you want to request from your subsidiaries. You can also use this tool to conduct your banking service RFPs without the headache of relying on Excel.

  1. Freely definable questions allow you to speedily and simply source important information from your subsidiaries.
  2. Intuitive navigation ensures that users quickly and easily become familiar with the tool.
  3. Predefined answer options create the basis for clear and comparable analyses of the details provided by your subsidiaries and the participating banks.

Module features

  • Carry out group-internal requests and surveys

  • Conduct external bank service RFPs

  • Flexible analysis by means of pre-defined report