Risk management

Risk management even without a TMS

The risk management features of TIP allow you to monitor and manage your risks even without a TMS. Regardless of whether FX or commodity risk – retain an overview and manage your risk exposures. The simulation of hedging scenarios is particularly innovative. This allows you to first test whether and how a hedge would mitigate your risk before you decide on an expensive hedging transaction. Risk-bearing positions can subsequently be viewed in the flexible TIP reports, both group-wide and at the touch of a button.

  1. Display the underlying positions and cash flows broken down into the various currencies.
  2. Display the cash flow at risk (CFaR) and value at risk (VaR) per currency and in total.
  3. Display the risk in comparison with KPIs such as EBIT and equity.

Module features

  • Management of FX, interest rate and commodity risks

  • Calculation and display of risk KPIs

  • As a basis for risk strategy and management