Cash flow forecasting

Currency-differentiated and on a rolling basis.

Regardless of where in world, TIP allows every one of your subsidiaries to forecast and plan without major time inputs. Data capturing is so simple that Excel workarounds are now a thing of the past. Automated plausibility functions directly check every input for deviations. Just a few clicks is also all it takes to contact your subsidiaries and request outstanding forecasts. Existing data – from TMS and ERP systems or your budget plans – can be imported automatically. Analysis of your plans and forecasts improves in terms of both quality and convenience. Let TIP prepare extremely flexible reports which adjust automatically to reflect changing requirements. This means that you are always up-to-date – at the touch of a button and within seconds!

  1. The filter allows you to conveniently analyse cash flow forecasts by company, group of companies and numerous other search criteria.
  2. The forecasting structure can be modified to reflect your specific requirements. Different business divisions can forecast on the basis of different forecasting categories.
  3. You can freely define the forecasting horizons. Opt for daily, weekly or monthly forecasts or any combination of these options. Entries are as simple as they are in Excel.

Module features

  • Currency-differentiated cash flow forecasting across user-defined time horizons

  • Presentation of FX exposures and hedging ratios

  • As a basis for supplying subsidiaries with liquidity