Group-wide financial status

An overview at a click of a button

A reliable overview of your financial status is the prerequisite for currency-differentiated cash flow forecasting. It is for this reason that, besides bank accounts, the financial status in TIP also takes into account internal positions, credit lines, guarantees and derivatives. This provides you with a full overview of your positions and allows you to perform flexible analyses of group divisions, bank groups, countries, currencies, maturities and many other parameters, all within seconds. This also serves as the basis for your counterparty risk reporting and provides you with a complete overview of all your bank relationships – group-wide!

  1. A clear financial status with separated internal and external positions
  2. An overview of the available liquidity and its free credit facilities
  3. A flexible financial status by days/months/quarters/years. A clear display of the changes relatevely to the last period.

Module features

  • Display all accounts, guarantees, positions and credit lines

  • Overview of the available liquidity and the free credit facilities

  • Monitoring of counterparty risk and basis for cash flow forecasting