FAQs related to TIP

The most important Q&As at a glance.

This depends heavily on the scope of the project. TIP can generally be rolled out within two to three months, but very large projects can take ten months or even longer.

No. Our customers often integrate their own logo and use their corporate colours in their reports. Besides this, the user interface also changes depending on the selection of the relevant module and the user rights. In order to make TIP as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, users only see those buttons and modules which they really need.

Yes, TIP is multilingual. We have already integrated several languages into the system: German, English, French, Spanish and Russian. Any other language can be added in a short period of time. Besides this you also have the option of exchanging any standard term used in TIP with the relevant company-internal term used.

Your data will be automatically imported into the system via an interface or entered manually via a simple data capturing screen. The best way to save time and safeguard quality of course is to import the data from your existing systems. We already have interfaces to the leading system providers and can rely here on our many years of experience in the area of system integration.

Very flexibly! This is one of the key strengths of TIP. Since TIP is able to display the corporate structure over time, your reports always represent the correct status at the relevant point in time. Changes in the forecasting structure or the financial status are automatically taken into account in reports.

Due to its simple administration features, at most companies TIP is maintained by a single person from the treasury department alongside their other duties. It is not necessary to have a dedicated IT administrator.

Both options are possible. We can host the server for you or provide your IT department with support for an on-premise solution.

This varies significantly depending on the scope of the project. One non-binding meeting is all takes to provide you with a detailed cost estimate. Simply mail us at [email protected] and we will be in touch.