Digitalise your Treasury processes and ensure compliance.

Whether applying for intercompany loans, guarantees, bank accounts or managing bank fees: when a process involves various parties and systems things get complex and communication gets messy. The result: inefficiencies, errors and a lack of compliance. This webinar highlights how you can facilitate best practice Treasury processes with the aid of workflows. They ensure that all your colleagues and external partners know what to do when, enhance compliance with Treasury guidelines and provide an optimal overview of the current status of various processes at any given point in time.


Hubert Rappold

Hubert Rappold is a founding member and managing director of TIPCO. He knows the DNA of TIP and has a special passion for workflows and bank fee analysis.

Alexander Fleischmann

Alexander Fleischmann is responsible for our international business. He has over 9 years experience in treasury consulting and has been part of the TIPCO team for three years.


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