Our Webinars
“Live-Demo in 30 Minutes”

Our short webinars provide you an insight into various treasury application areas and include specific examples of how our clients are already benefiting from digitalisation. Invest 30 minutes and discover how smart solutions can not only save you time but also considerably improve the quality of your outputs.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Making your cash flow forecasting as automated and smart as it gets.

FX-Risk Management

Take care of your FX hedging strategy, hedging proposals and IFRS 9 reports all with a single tool.

Self-Service BI with the Excel Cube

Prepare ad-hoc analyses with your latest corporate data accessible in Excel.

Guarantee Workflows

Do away with endless paperwork and manage your guarantees as digitally and easily as it gets.


Digitalise your Treasury processes and ensure compliance.

Bank Fee Analysis

Monitor your bank fees and communicate on equal terms with your banks.

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