• TIPCO in Paris: Treasury & Technology at Les Journées de l’AFTE


    We have made a few trips to France in recent months where considerable interest has been shown in TIP during the course of several meetings. This is good news not only for our French employee, Alban, who relocated from his home town of Paris to Vienna a year ago, but equally for our CEO, Martin, who also speaks fluent French. Simply visit TIPCO’s stand to get answers to any questions about TIP from both of them and Hanna. What can you expect? The web-based treasury platform TIP, which offers you optimal reporting in combination with smart treasury modules: TIP syncs perfectly with a treasury management system but is also the ideal solution for those companies who don’t have or want a TMS. Interested in finding out more? If so, Hanna, Alban and Martin are looking forward to your visit.

  • Lufthansa & DACT – our kick-off event for the treasury fairs in November


    Together with our client, Thomas Linnert from Lufthansa, we again headed off to Noordwijk this November. The treasury fair held here every year on the North Sea coast attracts the key decision makers from Dutch treasury sector. We would particularly like to thank Thomas for clearly highlighting the key features and the many possible deployment areas of TIP in his excellent presentation. This was very well received by the audience in the packed room where the workshop was held. All in all, a very successful kick-off to our series of fairs in November. Tomorrow we will be moving on to the Journées de l’AFTE in Paris, followed by the Structured FINANCE event in Stuttgart next week. We can’t wait!

  • Lufthansa case study at DACT in Holland –
    cash flow forecasting for Europe’s largest airline

    Lufthansa Case Study

    On Friday, we will again be heading to the DACT Treasury Fair in Noordwijk, Holland. Around 400 treasurers attend this event every year to find out about the latest developments in the area of treasury. We will be one of the 48 exhibitors and are this year particularly proud of the fact that we have been able to jointly secure one of the highly sought after workshop slots with our client Lufthansa. Thomas Linnert, Head of Financial Planning and Payments at Lufthansa, will be presenting the airline’s TIP solution for us. From financial status and cash flow forecasting to FX exposure and monitoring bank charges – this implementation project was far-reaching and is therefore perfect in order to demonstrate the diverse features offered by TIP. We would particularly like to thank Thomas for his support and are really looking forward to this year’s event. If you won’t be attending DACT, learn more about the deployment of TIP at Lufthansa here.

  • From database to BI software – Robert Wejwar is the perfect match for us and TIP.


    With over eleven years’ professional experience, this qualified telecommunications expert has already twice set up a data warehouse from scratch and has dedicated himself to the programming of standalone BI tools which make it possible to generate reports meeting a wide range of analytical requirements. He is no stranger to heterogeneous system landscapes with numerous interfaces or searching for creative solutions to complex problems. TIPCO is the perfect place in terms of providing sparring partners in the team with whom he can jointly tackle the challenges posed by our projects. We look forward to working with another new addition who is a perfect fit, just as treasury is to technology.

  • Software architect and TIP pro – Jochen Bamminger joins the team.


    Jochen brings to the team particular expertise due to the fact that he previously worked for one of our development partners. Thanks to several years of collaboration built on mutual trust, we were able to convince him during his on-boarding process to directly join TIPCO and to work on the development of new TIP modules. Jochen, a software architect, does his master’s degree in information engineering and management and has around four years’ experience in the development of web-based applications. What do this mean for our clients? As a result of the knowledge he acquired during this time, in future we will be able to modify add-ons and new developments in TIP even faster.

  • A new data expert joins our interfaces team – welcome on board Peter Wetz.


    TIP reports impress users not only by visualising presenting data but particularly due to the up-to-date data which are sourced from numerous systems while at the same time providing optimal performance. Our clients enjoy this latter feature primarily due to the work of our interfaces team, which has now been significantly bolstered through the addition of Peter. After graduating with a degree in information management, Peter shifted his focus at the Know-Center in Graz to two key issues relevant to our day-to-day business: data-driven business and big data analytics. Data integration and real-time data processing fascinated him to such an extent that he made this the topic of his doctorate at the Technical University of Vienna. We couldn’t have asked for more expert knowledge. We are delighted to have been able to convince Peter to join our team and are looking forward to his fresh ideas.

  • Expert exchange with Porsche Corporate Finance and EY Amsterdam: Accelerate Your Treasury Transformation


    Among the many things that define successful and efficient treasury processes, transparency is one of the most important. At the same time, however, regulatory challenges, heterogeneous system landscapes and numerous subsidiaries make it one of the biggest challenges for every central treasury department.

    EY and TIPCO unite state-of-the-art treasury and technology know-how. This October we invite you to EY’s offices in Amsterdam to learn more about the latest developments in Treasury. Together with Heimo Tiefenböck, Head of Cash Management and IT at Porsche Corporate Finance, we will present simple but efficient ways to accelerate your treasury transformation.

    19. Oktober 2016 – EY Amsterdam office
    Cross Towers, Antonio Vivaldistraat 150, 1083 HP Amsterdam

    Apply via Email to Sanne Verhelst from EY Amsterdam.

    15:30 – Reception
    16:00 – Welcome by EY
    16:10 – Program
    17:40 – Q&A session
    17:55 – Closing words
    18:00 – Get-together


    16:10 Treasury in Transit
    Alexander Huiskes, Executive Director | Financial Services Risk, EY
    Unprecedented regulatory challenges and market opportunities have put corporate treasury at the centre of attention. In this evolving environment transformation of treasury is key. EY will provide a high level overview of the regulatory landscape impacting corporate treasury and how the market is reacting. The rise of FinTech opens up a whole series of new opportunities. EY will discuss how treasurers can benefit and what needs to be done to avoid potential pitfalls.


    16:30 Reporting at the touch of a button
    Hubert Rappold, CEO, TIPCO Treasury & Technology

    Technology can be a means to cope with the fast pace of change treasury is confronted with today. Based on a number of real life examples TIPCO will show how this looks like in practice and what pre-requisites are needed to be successful. The focus will be on treasury reporting and cashflow forecasting as these are still very often time-consuming processes but will also touch on other areas like account management and bank fee controlling.


    16:55 Corporate Case Study: Porsche Corporate Finance

    Porsche Corporate Finance recently reshaped its treasury system landscape and will demonstrate how a best-of-breed approach covers the daily needs in the best possible way. The benefits of having an all in one system as compared to a best-of-breed approach will be discussed and the key points to use the latter are presented.

  • DEKRA streamlines its treasury reporting and cash flow forecasting with TIP

    DEKRA Logo

    With 37.000 employees in over 50 countries DEKRA is one of the leading active service-providing companies worldwide. This autumn they will implement the web-based Treasury Information Platform TIP. The modules „Group-wide Financial Status“, „Guarantees“ and „Derivatives“ will be implemented first followed by the implementation of a cash flow forecast. We are really looking forward to the joint project and thank DEKRA for the trust placed in us.  

  • 15th TIP User Meeting 2016: Over 100 participants, great presentations and a successful day in every way!


    A big „thank you“ goes to the numerous clients who attended the 15th TIP Annual User Meeting in Frankfurt. There was no place left at the biggest conference room that THE SQUAIRE has to offer. The visit was definitely worth the trip: The presentations were followed with great interest and the audience actively participated in the panel discussion on bank charge monitoring. The agenda was particularly exciting this year – the presentation of the Excel Cube from POLYTEC opens up completely new possibilities for the preparation of reports by functional departments. Peter Mitterbaur only needed a few clicks to create a report and to absolutely wow the audience.

    The next clients on stage were Christine Pitzen (Deutsche Post) and Regina Deisemann (Vorwerk) who discussed with Hubert Rappold the benefits of an automated bank charge monitoring solution. Their conclusion was clear: the effort is definitely worthwhile! Besides the obvious advantage of detecting incorrect charges they pointed out that the optimisation of internal processes has even a higher positive impact on cost. Both described the monitoring as a „win/win“-situation for corporates AND banks as the latter also gain more information on their client relationships. Their main advice: Get started now and contact your bank to get electronic bank charges.

    Also very impressive was the fastest TIP implementation so far presented by Britta Baier from TAKATA. The great efforts by all involved combined with highly efficient teamwork made it possible to complete the first cash flow forecast and financial status after ten working days. A huge success not only for TAKATA but also for TIP team. Furthermore the TIP team presented the application roadmap 2016/17, the new Workflow Module, showed how the integration of TMS and ERP systems can work with TIP and gave an insight into the new SAP HANA technology.

    In short, a very entertaining day with a varied program, great speakers and guests and a relaxed atmosphere in Frankfurt!


  • TIPCO Germany is growing – welcome Hanna Böhm!


    The German-Austrian relationship seldom works as good as at TIPCO. While Vienna is of course still our main base, we strive to provide our customers in Germany with direct support while minimising the travel distance and time. Therefore we are especially pleased that we were able to recruit Hanna Böhm as a consultant who will represent TIPCO in Germany. Hanna has six years of treasury experience of which she spend 4.5 at “Schwabe, Ley and Greiner”. In 2015 she moved back to Bonn, her hometown, where she finished her Masters degree in finance at the Goethe-University Frankfurt a. M. Hanna has the experience, know-how and innovative thinking our customers require. We are thrilled that we were able to convince Hanna to join TIPCO and are looking forward to working with her. Hanna, it is great to have you here!

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