• Decentralised data capture, centralised data analysis: From now on, Faber-Castell will be organising its cash flow forecasting, accounts and derivatives with TIP.

    Faber Castell

    Groups with international subsidiaries need to regularly request all financial data from their subsidiaries spread around the world. This requires a lot of time and robust review procedures. Our web-based treasury information platform, TIP, allows the decentralised input of these data, irrespective of the various source systems, and their automatic reporting to Group Treasury. On behalf of the well-known family-owned company Faber-Castell, we recently implemented a solution which allows this stationery manufacturer to access and plan its group-wide data, ranging from its financial status and cash flow forecasting to its derivative management. Find out more about the implementation and how Quick Guides helped Faber-Castell subsidiaries get started with the new system.

  • Making a job out of a hobby – welcome on board to C# fan Robert Bertl

    welcome on board to C# fan Robert Bertl

    Robert taught himself programming on his Commodore 64 at the tender age of ten. From that point on, he knew what he wanted to do later. Having completed technical college, he jumped directly into the world of software development and soon discovered the programming language C# and its nearly unlimited possibilities. Today, he regards himself as a hard-core C# fan and loves tackling new challenges every day. He has been working as a programmer for 16 years and is now deploying his experience in the development of TIP, particularly his experience with financial and web-based applications. In his free time, he combines surfing with theatre and cooking, and is therefore a perfect addition to the diverse TIPCO team. We are delighted that he has decided to join us. A warm welcome, Robert!

  • With a blend of charm and discipline – welcome on board to our new office manager, Bettina Cudy

    With a blend of charm and discipline – welcome on board to our new office manager, Bettina Cudy

    We already know our new colleague Bettina from time spent together at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner. She has been keeping a close eye on our reporting and supporting us through a combination of commitment and impressive reliability since 2011. Not even a semester abroad in Holland prevented her from preparing our monthly reports. All the more reason for us to be delighted that we have been able to convince her to join us full-time. As our future office manager, she will not only play a leading role in our accounting but will also make sure that everything runs smoothly in the office. Bettina relies on a combination of continuity, persuasiveness and charm, making her a woman who it is simply impossible to say “no” to. With this in mind: Welcome on board, Betti. We look forward to working with you!

  • Back to the roots – Stefan Elsenhuber boosts our support team

    Stefan Elsenhuber boosts our support team

    At first glance, Stefan’s CV looks rather odd for an application support specialist. Originally from Salzburg, Stefan has spent the last ten years working in the social services sector rather than in IT. He was part of the care staff from Lebenshilfe Salzburg, where he was able to prove his soft skills on a daily basis. He is nonetheless looking forward to again pursuing his interest in IT. His commercial college training, with a focus on IT, will help him here. Stefan has already been with us for a month and, in this time, has clearly demonstrated that, in addition to his social skills, he is also an amazingly fast learner. This makes him the perfect addition to our support team. We are delighted that he has joined us and warmly welcome Stefan on board.

  • DKV success story: Combining systems and data with the group-wide financial status

    DKV Success Story – Groupwide Financial Status

    Being able to analyse and compare data at the press of a button is the key to getting an overview of your group-wide financial status within a few seconds. However, because these data are nearly always stored in different systems, analysing them in practice involves considerable time inputs and often entails errors. We integrated several systems at once for our client DKV as a means of relieving the central treasury department of plenty of work. From bank accounts, IC loans and FX transactions to guarantees and credit lines – all of the information from earlier Excel sources, SAP CM and SAP TR are now accessible via TIP. Read our case study for more information.

  • ACT Annual Conference in Manchester: Discover the treasury information platform TIP

    ACT Annual Conference in Manchester: Discover the treasury information platform TIP

    What is awaiting you at Stand 82? TIP offers you amazingly flexible reporting at the press of a button. Regardless of whether you have already deployed a treasury management system or still prepare reports manually with Excel, TIP is the key to saving you valuable time and increasing the quality of your data. We also offer smart solutions in the areas of cash flow forecasting, automatic bank fee monitoring, risk management, guarantees, derivatives and workflows. And, to make sure that a visit definitely pays off, we will be raffling off a Samsung Gear VR system from Oculus plus a compatible smart phone among all participating visitors to our stand. We look forward to your visit.

  • Success Story Bertelsmann: guarantee management without a TMS

    Success Story Bertelsmann: guarantee management without a TMS

    Anyone who manages numerous guarantees within a corporate group and also issues them to subsidiaries knows how much time has to be invested in order to maintain and keep the relevant data up-to-date. Two aspects were therefore decisive for the Bertelsmann Group: central administration of the contracts and easy, de-centralised capturing of guarantee utilisation by the subsidiaries. Our case study also highlights how Bertelsmann uses this information to generate invoices for group guarantees directly from TIP.

  • Next stop: International. Welcome on board Alexander Fleischmann


    Alexander is a treasury expert through and through. Having graduated in international business, he joined Schwabe, Ley & Greiner as a consultant back in 2009 where he learned the ins and outs of the treasury consulting business from scratch. After numerous successful projects, he decided it was time for a change of scenery. We are delighted that we have been able to convince Alexander to make his next upward career stop at TIPCO. He is already familiar with the Treasury Information Platform TIP from his many projects, and will now be inputting his expertise as a manager for international TIP projects. In this role, he will not only be supporting our core team but also focussing in particular on expanding our international presence. A warm welcome, Alex!

  • Heidelberg Case Study: Financial status and cash flow forecasting at the press of a button – with the treasury information platform TIP

    Heidelberger Logo

    The more data can be automatically imported from source systems, the higher the data quality and the value of reports. This is why we not only integrated Heidelberger Druckmaschinen’s internal SAP system but also synchronised account balances with the TIS operated as a SaaS solution. The outcome: A group-wide financial status which is always up-to-date – at the press of a button. Learn more about this implementation project in our joint case study.

  • A passion for reporting – welcome on board Mulhari Agic!


    Mulhari has always been fascinated by the digital world: In Bosnia, he majored in IT at his technical college and then went on to study further after moving to Austria. His student job at Zielpunkt gradually led him to this group’s IT department where he established reporting as the link between technicians and the controlling department. He was responsible both for data imports and quality control as well as the development of management reporting. This was followed by him working for UNISYS, where he was mainly responsible for data storage and quality control in addition to expanding SQL databases. Over time, however, he came to miss reporting, the missing ingredient which ultimately brought him to TIPCO, where he is now supporting our innovation team with his experience. A warm welcome, Mulhari!

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