To provide simple, fast and flexible treasury reports a number of challenges need to be mastered. The most important ones are shown below – take a look.

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Treasury reporting needs to be as simple as buying a book online. This ensures acceptance and widespread use.

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Treasury reporting taking more than a few seconds is not acceptable. After all, we are in the 21st Century and instant access to data is a must.

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Your requirements will change, so your reporting solution should accommodate this straight from the begin. This will save you time and money along the way.

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Any format

Excel, Pdf, online – your treasury reporting needs to be available in any format you deem appropriate. Let your users decide what they need, they know it best.

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Any device

Browser, smart phone or as a service via email. Make sure you and your users can access reports in any way they see most appropriate.

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Make sure the content of your treasury reports satisfies the information needs of the intended audience. From high-level graphs and KPIs all the way down to the actual detailed transactions.

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Self-service BI

Enable users to work with the data themselves in an environment they are most comfortable with using our smart Excel-Cube. They will love it!

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Treasury reporting should not only display data but should actively alert you about discrepancies or potential problems. Ideally they notify you at a click if you meet your treasury-guidelines.

We provide solutions that enable treasury reporting at your fingertips. Take a look at what our clients have achieved using our solutions.

Lufthansa Group

Implementation of a group-wide financial status and a cashflow forecast at the largest european airline…

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Porsche Holding

Cash flow forecasting implemented within 10 days for 21 group companies…

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Joyson Safety Systems

From 0 to 100 in 10 days: The fastest implementation in the history of TIP.

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