To do trade finance efficiently, a number of challenges need to be mastered. The most important ones are shown below – take a look.

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100% overview

Make sure that you have a complete overview of all your guarantees and LCs at any time. Use simple and flexible reports that will give you all the right answers about trade finance at the press of a button.

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Keep it simple

Maintaining internal and bank guarantees can be quite simple using well-structured trade finance workflows that support your daily work and make sure that nothing gets lost along the way.

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Remain flexible

Your trade finance requirements will change over time. A flexible solution takes this into account and supports you in meeting these new requirements.

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How much headroom is left?

The available headroom of your guarantee facility must be visible at all times as well as any future demands on that facility.

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Use electronic formats to automate opening guarantees and LCs.

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Bill automatically

Do you use internal guarantees? Take the pain out of the internal billing process by completely automating this process.

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How much?

Guarantees and LCs cost money. The trade finance costs should be closely monitored and form an integral part of your regular bank meetings.

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Attach any guarantee and documents directly to your internal or external guarantees. This is the best way to keep track of them and to find them quickly.

We provide solutions to take the pain out of trade finance. Take a look at how our clients achieve this by using our solutions.


Comprehensive and timely reporting – whatever the weather.

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Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

Efficient handling of group guarantees at the largest media group in Europe…

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Implementation of flexible treasury reporting solution at an international construction company…

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