To handle your FX risk, a number of challenges need to be mastered. The most important ones are shown below – take a look.

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You can't measure what you don't specify

You need an FX policy that clearly specifies what the ultimate goal of your FX risk management is, who is in charge, what the limits and the KPIs are, and which escalation procedures are needed.

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Automate, automate, automate

Easy integration with your ERP or TMS system as well as your trading platform ensure that all processes for FX risk are as automated as possible.

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Let the system do the hard work

Once you have sorted out the policy, you can let our solution do the hard work for you. You simply decide if an FX hedging proposal is suitable and then accept or decline it.

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Keep your auditors happy!

Clear documentation of your FX risk processes and all action taken are automatically provided. Hedge accounting reports are available at the press of a button.

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Keep your management happy!

Risk management reports clearly show the current status and document your work.

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Keep yourself happy!

Automated processes and flexible reports based on data automatically retrieved from various systems make sure that you can rest assured.

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What-if scenarios

Simulations ensure that you can measure the impact of your actions on risk KPIs such as VaR before you finally decide to take them. This avoids costly mistakes!

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Back-testing your FX strategy is a wise idea. We facilitate this and show you options to adapt your FX risk strategy based on the results.

We provide solutions that not only comply with your FX policy but also save you a lot of time in the process. Take a look at how our clients have improved their FX risk cycles using our solutions.

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Risk reporting in TIP – The RiskSuite makes it possible.

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Less risk, less work. The TIP Risk Suite.

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Flexible reporting with access to group-wide data directly in Excel

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