To reach the goal of an accurate cash flow forecast, a number of challenges need to be mastered. The most important ones are shown below – take a look.

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One size does not fit all

Make sure you clearly define what you want to achieve with a cash flow forecast and design the categories, the horizon and the interval accordingly.

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Use data from your ERP

Take a hard look at your ERP and analyse wether you can reuse data from various modules to base the cash flow forecast with existing data. Your financial status will also contain a wealth of information to be used.

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Look out for patterns

Your business might be cyclical. Use this to your advantage to improve forecasting quality

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Back test, adjust, back test, adjust

Your first cash flow forecast will be (really) far from perfect. Analyse why, take action and repeat this for every future forecast.

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Who needs money? Who has money?

Forecasting operational cash flows is Step 1. Always ask your entities how they want to fund deficits or invest any surpluses resulting from these cash flows as Step 2.

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Play around with the cash flow forecast to see what happens if… currencies fluctate, markets detoriate, projects are delayed or a volcano decides to erupt …

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Give feedback

Share your analysis with your entities and give them a chance to learn for the next round of forecasting.

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Quality first!

Prevent any data inconsistencies before they even hit your desk with smart checks on the cash flow forecast data.

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We provide solutions to make sure that your cash flow forecasting accuracy will improve drastically and also take less time. Take a look at how our clients improve their forecasts by using our solutions.

Lufthansa Group

Implementation of a group-wide financial status and a cashflow forecast at the largest european airline…

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Rheinmetall Automotive

Risk reporting in TIP – The RiskSuite makes it possible.

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Siemens AG

Identify and manage liquidity and FX risks at an early stage.

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