To achieve active bank relationship management, a number of challenges need to be mastered. The most important ones are shown below – take a look.

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Dispel the fog

Active bank relationship management means, that you know more about your relation than the bank does. Enjoy!

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Monitor your bank fees

If you don’t have time to monitor your bank fees yourself, you can now also outsource it. Let us analyse your statements and save you up to 25%. Furthermore the Outsourced Bank Fee Monitoring will help you to identify unknown accounts, get to know all your payment processes in detail and compare the rates charged by your various banks with each other.

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Optimise processes

Switch any communication with banks to electronic formats. This will take some time but will pay off in the long run.

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Who gets how much, who is taking risk, and engages in risk-free business? A cornerstone of fair bank relationship management.

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Most relevant bank data already exist in some systems. Create a place where all this data can be collected automatically using smart interfaces.

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Simple, fast and flexible reports allow you to delve down into a relationship and compare different banks with one another.

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Prepare for bank meetings

Preparing for a bank meeting should be possible at the click of a button. Including all the banks  data but also comparisons with other banks.

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Document bank meetings

Document any interaction with the bank. This will come in handy for follow-up meetings.

We provide solutions that make your bank relations as transparent as a glass of spring water. Take a look at the benefits our clients enjoy using our solutions.

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