What’s new at TIPCO?

  • TIPCO is growing!!!


    Five new faces are now part of our team! Our colleagues are especially happy to welcome three women in the staff: Verena Romberg (right) commutes between Frankfurt and Vienna and enriches the team with her experience from company perspective, she starts as a Senior Consultant. Sabine Becker (2. from right) is our new expert for report preparation, her as well is a Senior Consultant. Andrea Weiss (2. from left) is the new center of our support team, she takes care of all customer inquiries and has her focus on their rapid processing. Alban Nguyen (left) comes originally from France and will be in the comfortable position to visit his home country quite often as his main responsibility is to supervise our market expansion in France. With the first of April also Georg Pitsch (Mitte) has come on board, he supports our SAP Hana team.

  • New partner and manager at TIPCO:

    JSP und DR Beförderung

    Jürgen Sprenger has recently been promoted to join our management ranks. Due to his outstanding performance in the areas of system development and customer care, he will in future be supporting TIPCO as a partner. His new role means that an important position has now become vacant. Daniel Richter will therefore not only be the new head of application development but is, with immediate effect, now also a manager. We are delighted by these developments and congratulate both of them.

  • Design relaunch:

    TIPCO Relaunch

    TIPCO has had a new corporate design since 1 October 2015. The main feature of this new CD is a more clearly defined image. The aim was to more intensively highlight our position at the crossroads between treasury expertise and software knowhow. In our communication strategy we can now prove that we can concentrate on the simplest and most efficient solution every time. The outcome? Not surprisingly: flexible and meaningful reports at the touch of a button.

  • The TIP team expands further:


    We are delighted to welcome Johannes Pohl as a new member of our consulting team. Despite joining us directly from university, this business informatics specialist already has several years of professional experience on his CV. The combination of his interests in business and IT make him a perfect addition to our team focussing on the interface between treasury and technology. He is currently going through the ropes at the Schwabe, Ley & Greiner boot camp where he will be introduced to the deeper secrets of the world of treasury by the leading experts in the German-speaking region.

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