What’s new at TIPCO?

  • With a blend of charm and discipline – welcome on board to our new office manager, Bettina Cudy

    With a blend of charm and discipline – welcome on board to our new office manager, Bettina Cudy

    We already know our new colleague Bettina from time spent together at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner. She has been keeping a close eye on our reporting and supporting us through a combination of commitment and impressive reliability since 2011. Not even a semester abroad in Holland prevented her from preparing our monthly reports. All the more reason for us to be delighted that we have been able to convince her to join us full-time. As our future office manager, she will not only play a leading role in our accounting but will also make sure that everything runs smoothly in the office. Bettina relies on a combination of continuity, persuasiveness and charm, making her a woman who it is simply impossible to say “no” to. With this in mind: Welcome on board, Betti. We look forward to working with you!

  • Back to the roots – Stefan Elsenhuber boosts our support team

    Stefan Elsenhuber boosts our support team

    At first glance, Stefan’s CV looks rather odd for an application support specialist. Originally from Salzburg, Stefan has spent the last ten years working in the social services sector rather than in IT. He was part of the care staff from Lebenshilfe Salzburg, where he was able to prove his soft skills on a daily basis. He is nonetheless looking forward to again pursuing his interest in IT. His commercial college training, with a focus on IT, will help him here. Stefan has already been with us for a month and, in this time, has clearly demonstrated that, in addition to his social skills, he is also an amazingly fast learner. This makes him the perfect addition to our support team. We are delighted that he has joined us and warmly welcome Stefan on board.

  • Next stop: International. Welcome on board Alexander Fleischmann


    Alexander is a treasury expert through and through. Having graduated in international business, he joined Schwabe, Ley & Greiner as a consultant back in 2009 where he learned the ins and outs of the treasury consulting business from scratch. After numerous successful projects, he decided it was time for a change of scenery. We are delighted that we have been able to convince Alexander to make his next upward career stop at TIPCO. He is already familiar with the Treasury Information Platform TIP from his many projects, and will now be inputting his expertise as a manager for international TIP projects. In this role, he will not only be supporting our core team but also focussing in particular on expanding our international presence. A warm welcome, Alex!

  • A passion for reporting – welcome on board Mulhari Agic!


    Mulhari has always been fascinated by the digital world: In Bosnia, he majored in IT at his technical college and then went on to study further after moving to Austria. His student job at Zielpunkt gradually led him to this group’s IT department where he established reporting as the link between technicians and the controlling department. He was responsible both for data imports and quality control as well as the development of management reporting. This was followed by him working for UNISYS, where he was mainly responsible for data storage and quality control in addition to expanding SQL databases. Over time, however, he came to miss reporting, the missing ingredient which ultimately brought him to TIPCO, where he is now supporting our innovation team with his experience. A warm welcome, Mulhari!

  • Experience meets diversity – welcome on board to Rupert Schober!


    Rupert brings a lively combination of professional and personal experience to the TIPCO team: As a trained forwarding agent, Rupert has been involved with IT issues since the very start of his career. While programming and configuring interfaces, his interest also grew in the area of processes and workflows, which ultimately led to him joining the life assurance specialist Skandia where he provided support not only on technical issues but also in terms of structural and organisational tasks. His passion for working processes and a clear focus on the big picture make him the ideal candidate for our workflow development department. We are looking forward to working with our new colleague who thinks in a structured manner while still retaining a clear overview of what really matters. Welcome on board, Rupert!

  • Support for our quality control department – Günther Dobler joins the team.


    After successfully training in the areas of information technology and project-based work at PREFA Dach, the next career move for Günther is joining TIPCO. In future, he will be responsible mainly for testing our software so that our clients can rely on a fully functional environment during their rollouts. We are particularly honoured that Günther has decided to relocate from Lower Austria to work at our Vienna offices. Even if this means putting more distance between this enthusiastic snowboarder and his favourite slopes, we are convinced that he won’t regret the decision and look forward to working with him.

  • From database to BI software – Robert Wejwar is the perfect match for us and TIP.


    With over eleven years’ professional experience, this qualified telecommunications expert has already twice set up a data warehouse from scratch and has dedicated himself to the programming of standalone BI tools which make it possible to generate reports meeting a wide range of analytical requirements. He is no stranger to heterogeneous system landscapes with numerous interfaces or searching for creative solutions to complex problems. TIPCO is the perfect place in terms of providing sparring partners in the team with whom he can jointly tackle the challenges posed by our projects. We look forward to working with another new addition who is a perfect fit, just as treasury is to technology.

  • Software architect and TIP pro – Jochen Bamminger joins the team.


    Jochen brings to the team particular expertise due to the fact that he previously worked for one of our development partners. Thanks to several years of collaboration built on mutual trust, we were able to convince him during his on-boarding process to directly join TIPCO and to work on the development of new TIP modules. Jochen, a software architect, does his master’s degree in information engineering and management and has around four years’ experience in the development of web-based applications. What do this mean for our clients? As a result of the knowledge he acquired during this time, in future we will be able to modify add-ons and new developments in TIP even faster.

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