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  • The strengths and opportunities offered by bank fee monitoring: TIPCO podium discussion at the Future of Cash Management event in Mannheim on 19 September


    What information and conclusions can you currently derive from your bank fee statements? And what does the future of bank fee monitoring look like? The Future of Cash Management event will be taking place this year in Mannheim and offers an opportunity to highlight these issues in the course of a podium discussion. For this purpose, we have invited representatives from corporates, banks and system providers to jointly discuss current opportunities and future developments. Although this topic has many facets, one thing is already clear:  system-based bank fee monitoring delivers far more results than just penny pinching. The data acquired can help corporates to optimise their group-wide processes and provide a sound basis for tendering procedures. They are also the key to applications such as e-invoicing and electronic year-end confirmations. We look forward to welcoming the participants and to the discussion.


    Speakers: Gerhard Bystricky | UniCredit, Wilbert Evers | HSBC, Christopher May | Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Martin Postweiler | Tembit Software GmbH

  • ACT Annual Conference in Manchester: Discover the treasury information platform TIP

    ACT Annual Conference in Manchester: Discover the treasury information platform TIP

    What is awaiting you at Stand 82? TIP offers you amazingly flexible reporting at the press of a button. Regardless of whether you have already deployed a treasury management system or still prepare reports manually with Excel, TIP is the key to saving you valuable time and increasing the quality of your data. We also offer smart solutions in the areas of cash flow forecasting, automatic bank fee monitoring, risk management, guarantees, derivatives and workflows. And, to make sure that a visit definitely pays off, we will be raffling off a Samsung Gear VR system from Oculus plus a compatible smart phone among all participating visitors to our stand. We look forward to your visit.

  • TIPCO in Paris: Treasury & Technology at Les Journées de l’AFTE


    We have made a few trips to France in recent months where considerable interest has been shown in TIP during the course of several meetings. This is good news not only for our French employee, Alban, who relocated from his home town of Paris to Vienna a year ago, but equally for our CEO, Martin, who also speaks fluent French. Simply visit TIPCO’s stand to get answers to any questions about TIP from both of them and Hanna. What can you expect? The web-based treasury platform TIP, which offers you optimal reporting in combination with smart treasury modules: TIP syncs perfectly with a treasury management system but is also the ideal solution for those companies who don’t have or want a TMS. Interested in finding out more? If so, Hanna, Alban and Martin are looking forward to your visit.

  • Lufthansa & DACT – our kick-off event for the treasury fairs in November


    Together with our client, Thomas Linnert from Lufthansa, we again headed off to Noordwijk this November. The treasury fair held here every year on the North Sea coast attracts the key decision makers from Dutch treasury sector. We would particularly like to thank Thomas for clearly highlighting the key features and the many possible deployment areas of TIP in his excellent presentation. This was very well received by the audience in the packed room where the workshop was held. All in all, a very successful kick-off to our series of fairs in November. Tomorrow we will be moving on to the Journées de l’AFTE in Paris, followed by the Structured FINANCE event in Stuttgart next week. We can’t wait!

  • 15th TIP User Meeting 2016: Over 100 participants, great presentations and a successful day in every way!


    A big „thank you“ goes to the numerous clients who attended the 15th TIP Annual User Meeting in Frankfurt. There was no place left at the biggest conference room that THE SQUAIRE has to offer. The visit was definitely worth the trip: The presentations were followed with great interest and the audience actively participated in the panel discussion on bank charge monitoring. The agenda was particularly exciting this year – the presentation of the Excel Cube from POLYTEC opens up completely new possibilities for the preparation of reports by functional departments. Peter Mitterbaur only needed a few clicks to create a report and to absolutely wow the audience.

    The next clients on stage were Christine Pitzen (Deutsche Post) and Regina Deisemann (Vorwerk) who discussed with Hubert Rappold the benefits of an automated bank charge monitoring solution. Their conclusion was clear: the effort is definitely worthwhile! Besides the obvious advantage of detecting incorrect charges they pointed out that the optimisation of internal processes has even a higher positive impact on cost. Both described the monitoring as a „win/win“-situation for corporates AND banks as the latter also gain more information on their client relationships. Their main advice: Get started now and contact your bank to get electronic bank charges.

    Also very impressive was the fastest TIP implementation so far presented by Britta Baier from TAKATA. The great efforts by all involved combined with highly efficient teamwork made it possible to complete the first cash flow forecast and financial status after ten working days. A huge success not only for TAKATA but also for TIP team. Furthermore the TIP team presented the application roadmap 2016/17, the new Workflow Module, showed how the integration of TMS and ERP systems can work with TIP and gave an insight into the new SAP HANA technology.

    In short, a very entertaining day with a varied program, great speakers and guests and a relaxed atmosphere in Frankfurt!


  • Treasury Innovation Forum in London – More than just BREXIT


    The first Treasury Innovation Forum was the perfect platform for an exclusive group of senior treasurers and financial experts who took the chance to discuss and analyse a wide range of treasury relevant topics. Of course the referendum was an issue no one could ignore – but the conference focussed on far more than BREXIT and its consequences. We thank GTNews for the interesting and informative programme and the well organised event that made it easy to get in contact with treasury and financial experts. However, not only the conference made this day special for us: Our new colleague Martin Fikar – future Head of Consulting at TIPCO – stood in for Hubert in the panel discussion. We thank him very much for this spontaneous favour one month before his first official working day. Furthermore Martin and Oleg were present at our TIPCO stand and answered all questions about TIP. Another conference in England is now behind us and as the British participants we are very excited about the future developments concerning BREXIT & Co. Thank you for the hospitality, London!

  • Expert exchange in the far north


    It was not our first time in Copenhagen but it was the first event with guests from the Danish treasury scene. Our special thanks go to Thomas Linnert from Deutsche Lufthansa AG who supported us with his presentation. The audience had the opportunity to learn about the treasury processes of the biggest airline group in Europe and about TIP at the same time. Furthermore we like to thank our host infiniance who found the perfect location with the Copenhagen stock exchange. The business brunch lasted from 8:30 am to 11:30 am – three hours filled with interesting speeches and conversations. We enjoyed our time very much and would have liked to stay longer in the Danish capital. Thank you and until next time!

  • 7th July – Webinar with TIS: Treasury Trends in Payments and Reporting


    You’re involved with treasury topics in your organisation daily. You know how important it is to have a handle on your data. However, do you have the right tools and processes in place in order to keep your activities streamlined while also being able to report on the key information? Are you reaching maximum efficiency and accuracy within your department – or is there a better way forward?

    Join TIPCO and TIS in this live session to get up to speed with current trends in corporate payments and reporting processes and tools. You will learn how to:

    • automise and standardise your payment transactions
    • enhance transparency and control over liquidity and cash flows
    • manage banking relationships and complex banking landscapes with more efficiency 
    • improve your treasury reporting by the touch of a button
    • reduce complexity and easily connect subsidiaries 

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