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From 0 to 100 in 10 days: The fastest implementation in the history of TIP.

If there is a real need for speed, there is no time for mistakes

Joyson needed to implement a rapid switch from an existing Excel-based forecasting tool to a new Web-based solution. The aim was to set up a comprehensive and uniform group-wide cash flow forecasting tool within just a few days. Despite this short time window there were very demanding requirements in terms of forecasting transparency and accuracy. The intention was to import all accounts receivable and payable from the SAP system in order to create a basis for manual forecasting on the part of the group subsidiaries.

TIPCO proved to be a partner who supported us with a maximum of professionalism

An extremely efficient work flow was necessary on both sides in order to keep to the tight deadline. This involved preparing Excel templates for Joyson into which all of the master data had to be filled. As a result, it was possible to rapidly import companies, users and accounts into TIP. The next step was to set up a forecasting grid which corresponded to the parameters defined in the scoping phase and which was linked via the SAP interface to the SAP data pool. This created the basis for flexible data analysis which can identify forecasting deviations and enable group-wide forecasting. The simple operation of the system and the use of existing data in particular increase the quality of the data and ensure that figures are generated which are transparent, up-to-date and which can be analysed centrally.

Higher data quality and transparent figures which can be analysed centrally

  • Implementation of a group-wide cash flow forecasting system within ten days
  • A dashboard report with an overview of the financial status and forecasting as well as ten other reports for analysing group data
  • High levels of acceptance among subsidiaries leading to rapid results for the group

About Joyson

Joyson Safety Systems is a global leader in mobility safety providing safety-critical components, systems and technology to automotive and non-automotive markets. Joyson Safety Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, with a global network of more than 50,000 employees in 25 countries. It is a subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp.

Joyson Safety Systems Case Study

„If there is a real need for speed, there is no time for mistakes. TIPCO proved to be a partner who supported us with a maximum of professionalism and high motivation levels.“

Britta Baier,

Director EMEA Corporate Finance & Treasury, Joyson Safety Systems

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