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From Excel reports to flexible reporting at the press of a button.

About DKV

DKV Mobility Service is one of the leading providers of road-based commercial goods and passenger transportation services. The company offers numerous services aimed at achieving cost savings and managing vehicle fleets. Accepted at 54,000 outlets throughout Europe, the group offers the largest multi-brand supply network in the industry. 830 employees generate annual revenues of EUR 6.3bn.

Status quo and objectives

Before the implementation of TIP, reporting at DKV was managed using Excel. However, this involved considerable time inputs every month due to the fact that the relevant financial data (guarantees, credit lines, FX, bank accounts and loans) were not available centrally and had to be manually aggregated. Despite most of the data being available in SAP, exporting and analysing them were time-consuming. The objective was therefore to make reporting considerably more flexible and less time intensive. Besides this, the aim was also to establish a uniform set of data for the financial department as a basis for performing speedy ad-hoc analyses.

TIP implementation

A scoping workshop defined the necessary interfaces and reports. Bank accounts and I/C loans are managed by DKV in SAP CM, and these are now exported to TIP automatically on a daily basis by means of an interface. Money market and FX transactions are also exported from SAP TR in the same manner. Guarantees are now also captured and managed directly in TIP. This allows contracts to be directly linked to (and accessed via) the relevant positions. On the basis of these data, it is now possible to call up a complete financial status overview from all possible perspectives and in any degree of detail at the press of a button. It is also possible to analyse the utilisation of credit lines at any point in time and in every currency. Numerous reports and dashboards have been set up which easily top the old Excel-based reporting system in terms of flexibility, data quality and time inputs.


  • Massive time savings in connection with monthly reporting
  • Rapid ad-hoc analyses now possible
  • Uniform data set within the team
  • Better overview of bank accounts at all subsidiaries
  • Utilisation of credit lines can now by analysed at any time
  • Guarantee management in TIP

DKV Mobility Services Group Case Study

„The switch from Excel to TIP not only delivered major time savings for us but was also particularly well organised and structured. We still benefit from this level of professionalism today when we contact the support team.“

Martin Matuschewski,

Expert Treasury, DKV Mobility Services Group

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