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Perfect communication between all systems: TIP ensures transparency.

About DATEV eG

DATEV eG is a software house and IT service provider for tax advisors, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients (corporates, municipalities, associations and institutions). DATEV supports web-based solutions, on-premise solutions and hybrid models. DATEV has also been in business in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy and Poland since 2000.

Status quo and objectives

DATEV previously used various systems for producing reports; systems which each required considerable work inputs to extend and modify them in order to meet new requirements. Reporting on the basis of these Excel and Access-based bespoke solutions was a process characterised by numerous manual sub-processes leaving considerable untapped potential for improvement. The aim was therefore to establish one system for all treasury data as rapidly as possible. A system which is closely integrated with the SAP system deployed and which offers comprehensive reporting functions and reliable cash flow forecasting.

TIP implementation

All financial positions in SAP CM and SAP TRM are now continuously and automatically transferred to TIP. In addition, the existing revenue and expenses positions from the controlling forecast are transferred into incoming and outgoing cash flows and are imported into TIP as well. A set of rules was defined for that purpose which can be configured by users at any time. The tight schedule and other parallel projects on which the implementation was dependent meant that this project was a challenge in terms of planning. Despite this, it was still possible to keep to the originally planned go-live date. DATEV now has one system where all treasury data is collected and flexible reports which can be used to analyse this data.


  • Display of the complete financial status and cash flow forecasting in TIP
  • Data from upstream systems (such as SAP) are continuously and automatically captured
  • No manual capturing of data is now necessary
  • Simple modifications on a centralised basis make it possible to reflect new requirements

DATEV eG Case Study

“Despite a heterogeneous system landscape, TIP provides us with an effective tool for ensuring transparency and for flexibly analysing all of our treasury data.”

Michael Debus,


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