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  • June 25, 2018
    Events TIPCO

    Treasury solutions with TIP – revisit our webinars.

    treasury webinars

    From February to June, we focused on a new area of treasury every month and presented possible solutions in our treasury webinars with which daily tasks can be organised and tackled efficiently and easily.


    Bank relationships

    The kick-off was with our bank relationship management module, which not only monitors, compares and reduces bank fees largely automatically, but also allows you to access and analyse all other data associated with bank relationships at the press of a button.


    Cash visibility

    Our cash visibility webinar mainly dealt with gaining an overview of all cash flows within your corporate group. Which bank accounts exist and where? How is group-wide liquidity looking? And how can you easily analyse all relevant data in simple reports to keep yourself and your management continuously up-to-date?


    Cash flow forecasting

    Since good cash flow forecasting needs to fulfil many requirements, the overview was followed by a detailed view of the cash flow forecasting module. How can you leverage your historical data in order to look ahead as reliably as possible? How are data from your subsidiaries taken into account in your forecasts without numerous emails and phone calls in advance?


    FX Exposure & IFRS 9

    The treasury information platform TIP also offers solutions related to the issues of FX exposure and IFRS 9 reporting; solutions which, closely integrated with smart workflows, can simplify your reconciliation processes and avoid transmission errors. They also make your work more efficient and accurate.


    Treasury processes

    The participants in the last of this webinar series, focussing on treasury processes, discovered how this works in practice with the aid of automated workflows.


    If you missed one of the treasury webinars and want to find out more about it, don’t worry. Simply request access to recordings on our Free Your Data webinar page or request a demo. We will also be happy to discuss your requirements in person. If you also want to be kept posted, simply sign up on our website to our newsletter.


    We look forward to your challenges!

  • June 19, 2018

    The TIPCO Advisory Board asks:
    How can we support the requirements of Treasury departments to an even greater degree now and in the future?

    TIPCO Advisory Board

    Who is in a better position to know what a system must be able to do than a treasurer with many years of experience? No-one. This is why we invited eight experienced treasurers and TIP users to become members and guests of our TIPCO Advisory Board.

    The aim of the TIPCO Advisory Board is to address the requirements of companies at an early stage, to give feedback on planned products and to test new modules and services for their suitability for daily use.

    What are the strengths of the Treasury Information Platform TIP? Which additional functionalities would be desirable? How is TIP used in practice every day? A wide range of topics was covered during the first meeting at our head office in Vienna, reflecting above all the need for even more digitalisation. Keywords such as ‘predictive analytics’, ‘self-service BI’, ‘eBAM’ and ‘robotics’ were high on the agenda.

    In addition to grand visions, there were also a number of smaller suggestions for improvement which were a great help to us. After all, only when used every day can it be clearly seen how meaningful intelligent input screens are, how quickly tasks can be implemented and how intuitively the application actually is in practice.

    Our eight sparring partners pulled no punches in the first meeting, for which we are very grateful to them. Nevertheless, we were able to spend the day in the company of very satisfied customers, confirming the performance claim and quality of TIP.

    The TIPCO Advisory Board consists of seven experienced treasurers and the management of TIPCO and will convene at least twice a year.

    Christine Pitzen, Britta Baier, Jörg Bermüller, Thomas Linnert, Christian Melcher, Markus Müller, Dirk Schreiber, Martin Winter, Hubert Rappold

    Guest expert: Thomas Stäubli

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Advisory Board members and our guest expert for a very constructive and enjoyable first meeting.

  • June 8, 2018

    Martin Fikar joins as a new partner

    Martin Fikar

    We are delighted to announce the addition of a new partner. As Head of Consulting, Martin Fikar is one of our leading treasury experts who provides our consultants with valuable support. Diverse perspectives and action-oriented decision-makers are key to the quality of our work, which is why we strive to make our management team as broad-based as possible. Martin is not only one of our most important experts, but also an exemplary team player with outstanding leadership skills. That’s why we are delighted that he has decided to take on this new position and to play an even more important role within the company in the interests of our clients and his colleagues. Congratulations Martin, and, most of all, thanks!

  • June 7, 2018
    References TIPCO

    Merck wins the 2018 Treasury Today Adam Smith Award!

    Merck - Adam Smith Award

    We sincerely congratulate our corporate client, Merck for winning the 2018 Treasury Today Adam Smith Award for First Class Relationship Management. It was a pleasure to be part of the treasury transformation process at Merck! http://treasurytoday.com/adamsmith/2018

  • April 30, 2018
    Events TIPCO

    ACT Annual Conference in Liverpool: Meet TIPCO at booth #170

    ACT 2018 with TIPCO

    Meet us in Liverpool at the ACT Annual Conference and take your treasury to the next level.

    The Treasury Information Platform TIP offers you amazingly flexible and smart treasury and reporting solutions. Regardless of whether you have already deployed a treasury management system or still prepare reports manually with Excel – TIP is the key to saving you valuable time and increasing the quality of your data.

    Our solutions for cash flow forecasting, automatic bank fee monitoring, risk management, guarantees and derivatives work on the basis of smart workflows. This helps you to respect your compliance requirements, investigate the reasons for deviations with your subsidiaries and work more efficiently and time saving. Furthermore, our clients appreciate TIP for the easy handling and how this motivates subsidiaries to use it regularly.

    We look forward to your visit.

  • April 10, 2018

    Finanzsymposium in Mannheim with TIPCO

    Finanzsymposium Mannheim

    The Finanzsymposium will once again be opening its doors on 25 April. We look forward to you visiting our booth #72 and taking part in the TIPCO workshops in collaboration with our clients Thomas Cook, Intersnack Group and DIEHL.

    Find out more about smart reporting with TIP and how you can both save valuable time and improve the quality of your data and analyses in the areas of cash flow forecasting, bank relationship management, risk management, guarantees, derivatives and workflows.


    TIPCO workshop schedule on Systems Day – 25 April 2018


    14:15 – 15:05 (Ottmar Breitenbach)
    Spot-on reporting for Thomas Cook:
    Discover how this leading tour operator uses TIP to flexibly analyse its data at the touch of a button.

    • How can you compile data from different source systems in a single report?
    • What’s the best way to set up reporting – from strategic reporting to flexible ad-hoc analyses?
    • How does the maximum degree of automated and flexible reporting look in practice?


    15:35 – 16:25 (Dr. Werner Hoffmann)
    A unified treasury system for the Intersnack Group:
    Optimal financial reporting with TIP

    • How do you establish a uniform treasury information system?
    • How can you optimise your cash flow forecasting?
    • What should risk monitoring of your group-wide FX exposure include?


    16:55 – 17:45 DIEHL (Thomas Hafner, Nadine Glass)
    TIP & Reval – how DIEHL gets the most out of its data:
    Complete TMS integration for top-notch planning and reporting.

    • How can you get to grips with a complex system landscape?
    • What are the secrets of top-quality cash flow forecasting including all treasury data?
    • How can complex reporting requirements be flexibly implemented in practice?


    All the above workshops will be taking place in Variohalle 1.


    Interested in a 1-on-1? Send a short email to events@tipco.at and we will promptly be in touch.

  • February 16, 2018

    Treasury Best Practice in the Digital Era – Live presentation and project reports in just 30 minutes, with friendly support from our clients


    Digitalisation was one of the key issues discussed at all treasury conferences in 2017 and will be top of agendas again this year.

    Our FREE YOUR DATA webinar series highlights that there is much more to this overused phrase than you might think. Five short webinars provide you an insight into various treasury application areas and include specific examples of how our clients are already benefiting from digitalisation.

    Invest 30 minutes and discover how smart solutions can not only save you time but also considerably improve the quality of your outputs.

    Don’t miss out!

    21 February – 17:00 bis 17:30 CET
    Bank Relationship Management: Check bank fees the smart way
    With examples from Deutsche Post DHL Group and other projects

    13 March – 17:00 to 17:30 CET
    Cash Visibility: Leverage and analyse existing data – almost without limits
    With examples from Bertelsmann, Dachser and Porsche Corporate Finance

    10 April – 17:00 to 17:30 CEST
    Cash Flow Forecasting: Plan ahead easily, automatically and intelligently
    With examples from STIHL and Takata

    29 May – 17:00 to 17:30 CEST
    FX-Exposure & IFRS 9: Hedging and reporting at the press of a button
    With examples from Rieter and other projects

    19 June – 17:00 to 17:30 CEST
    Treasury Processes: Ensure compliance and digitalise processes
    With examples from Merck and Rieter

    Register here today: www.free-your-data.at

  • December 7, 2017

    We’re moving: From the 15th of December, our new home will be Am Belvedere 8, 1100 Vienna


    With over 40 employees now in our team, we have grown so much that our offices on Margaretenstraße
    are bursting at the seams. So, we have packed our things and, in a few days, will be moving to the area near
    Vienna’s main railway station (Wiener Hauptbahnhof) where the Quartier Belvedere has been built over
    the past three years. We are keeping the same telephone number and our IT team will ensure that all our systems are smoothly migrated. In other words, you can get hold of us just as in the past.

    The new building complex is home mainly to commercial tenants and the location offers excellent infrastructure. Besides the connection to the railway network and the airport, another convincing argument behind the decision to relocate here was the chance to co-design the offices during the construction phase. Our team can look forward to numerous conference and meeting rooms, quiet 4-person offices in which to work efficiently as well as open-space areas for our extremely communicative teams and all the amenities that a new building offers. There is also a reception area for our clients and great presentation options.

  • December 4, 2017

    TIPCO-Roundtable: Local vs. Central Treasury in the Digital Age


    GTNews is again, for the second time, organising a conference for treasury-related decision-makers in London. Having been on-board as a sponsor last year, we are delighted to be acting as the host of a round-table event at the Treasury Leaders Summit this year.

    Digitisation and buzzwords such as blockchain or big data have become commonplace on the covers of Treasury magazines. The challenge is to transform marketing slogans into concrete applications and processes.

    • How will Treasury be organised in the digital age?
    • How can topics such as Cash flow forecasting or FX risk management best be supported by technology?
    • What options exist for bridging the gap between disparate systems at HQ and local entities – and doing away with ‘spreadsheet hell’ once and for all?

    We invite the roundtable participants to share their thoughts on how the transition from buzzwords to best practices will materialise and how they plan on navigating their Treasury department through the digital age.

    The good news: Solutions to many of today’s challenges in Treasury are already available.

    • Smart workflows take communication with subsidiaries located around the globe to a new level.
    • Intelligent plausibility checks enhance the data quality of liquidity forecasts while more and more elaborate simulation functions help answering any “what if”-questions asked.
    • FX risk management profits from straight-through processing from the collecting of exposure data via the calculation of risk KPIs to the system-supported creation of hedge proposals, electronic trading and comprehensive risk reporting.
    • Self-service-BI offers the flexibility of spreadsheets without their inherent drawbacks.

    We’re looking forward to new insights and a lively discussion!

  • November 23, 2017

    We are looking forward to the DACT Treasury Fair!

    DACT Treasury

    Already for the third time TIPCO will be part of the DACT Treasury Fair this year. Visit us this Friday in Noordwijk and learn more about flexible and smart reporting with TIP. Regardless of whether you have already deployed a treasury management system or still prepare reports manually with Excel, TIP is the key to saving you valuable time and increasing the quality of your data. We also offer smart solutions in the areas of cash flow forecasting, automatic bank fee monitoring, risk management, guarantees, derivatives and workflows. In case you need to escape the reality of the fair for a while we invite you to have a little fun using the VR headset provided directly at our booth. The headset will be raffled off together with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ among all participating visitors to our stand. We are looking forward to your visit!