Dashboard reports

The TIP command centre

In order to make day-to-day treasury-related decisions, it is important to have the right mix of details and a clear overview. Dashboard reports offer both perspectives. On the one hand, you receive a concise overview of the status of your KPIs while, on the other, just a few clicks is all it takes to drill down and access any desired level of detail. Numerous templates allow you to speedily set up a management reporting system which meets your requirements. Access is conveniently available on your tablet or web-based, whichever option is easier for you.

  1. Clear presentation of the development of forecast liquidity over time including the relevant minimum and maximum values and details of the changes over time.
  2. Graphic display of historical and current forecasting in order to rapidly highlight deviations from forecasts.
  3. Details of all companies which have been responsible for the deviations and also the amounts of deviations.

Report features

  • Select from numerous reporting elements in all TIP modules

  • Adapt every element to meet your requirements

  • Drill down on the basis of any preferred criteria