Compliance and reporting

Data management with an in-built audit trail

Due to its simple data capturing functions, TIP opens up entirely new means of ensuring compliance. Authorised signatories, document management and the account overview are also retrieved on the regular reporting dates. This makes time-consuming follow-up rounds with Excel unnecessary and saves you and your subsidiaries lots of time and aggravation. Your EMIR reporting can also be automatically managed, providing you with an overview at any time of the reporting status of trades and any associated problems.

  1. Compliance-related tasks have to be checked and performed by all subsidiaries at regular intervals. You can define the frequency of compliance-related tasks.
  2. You can define a deadline for resolving every issue by which the subsidiaries have to provide a confirmation. An automated email reminder function facilitates compliance with the deadline.
  3. Users are requested to provide their details in the course of the normal reporting process. It is possible here to request information on any issue – either select from numerous templates or create a new request.

Module features

  • Clarify responsibilities by means of data confirmations from subsidiaries

  • Perform EMIR reporting tasks

  • Perform FBAR reporting tasks

  • Support in the case of SOX-relevant issues