Risk management

Risk management even without a TMS

Regardless of whether FX risk or commodity risk: Our reports provide you with the perfect means to monitor your risk KPIs. Irrespective of whether you want to highlight the risk at group or company level, the touch of a button is all it takes for TIP to display the volume of your risk exposures, where these are and how these are hedged. There is no easier way to comply with your guidelines. TIP does this by accessing the data relating to the financial status, planning / forecasting and the management of derivatives and combines these to prepare meaningful reports.

  1. Currency-differentiated exposures and cash flows.
  2. Display the cash flow at risk (CFaR) and value at risk (VaR) per currency and in total.
  3. Display the risk in comparison with KPIs such as EBIT and equity.

Report features

  • Presentation of FX, interest rate and commodity risk reports

  • Presentation of risk-bearing capacity and limit utilisation

  • Component of dashboard reports for communication with top-level management