Cash flow forecasting

Currency-differentiated and on a rolling basis.

Ensure you always have an overview of forecast liquidity, at the touch of a button. Providing you with a timely insight into the liquidity requirements of subsidiaries and the necessary liquidity reserve for the group. An overview of the development of liquidity at group level enables you to enter into negotiations with your banks in good time regarding new credit lines or the optimisation of investment horizons. Deviation reports ensure the quality assurance of your planning and/or forecasting at the touch of a button and without tedious Excel-based work. You can invest the time saved in in-depth discussions with your subsidiaries.

  1. A click on the planning category highlights the deviation by company or vice versa.
  2. Deviations are displayed both in absolute terms and as percentages.
  3. The largest deviations are highlighted in charts.

Report features

  • Plan/Plan and Plan/Actual deviations at the touch of a button

  • Automatic plausibility checks of data and monitoring of the reporting status

  • A component of the dashboard reports in order to quickly highlight group-level developments