Group-wide financial status

An overview at the touch of a button.

The group-wide financial status provides you with the necessary degree of transparency about all status positions at the touch of a button. Regardless of which criteria you want to analyse in your data, TIP provides you with the right report and the right answers, at the touch of a button and within seconds. Whether you want to see your global bank relationships, the intra-monthly development of liquidity for every subsidiary or the repayment schedule for your loans: TIP provides you with all the important information for your upcoming meeting with the bank. The data for this are automatically imported from your ERP and TMS systems. And this can even be done just a few minutes before the meeting – at the touch of a button.

  1. Clear presentation of the development of forecast liquidity over time including the relevant minimum and maximum values and details of the changes over time.
  2. A list of all banks with details of the reasons for action.
  3. Details of all companies which have been responsible for the deviations and also the amounts of deviations.

Report features

  • Analyses based on sub-groups, bank groups, companies, countries, currencies, etc.

  • Display available liquidity

  • Display counterparty risk