Bank charges monitoring

TIP allows you to save up to 20% on the bank charges you currently pay.

The touch of a button is all it takes to identify deviations from agreed bank charges, problems in processing payments and dormant accounts. Hidden potential reports which highlight a lack of uniformity in bank charges in each country, simple overviews of deviations, which identify where you are paying too much, or an overview of conspicuous charges. These reports save money – every month. They also allow you to identify accounts which are no longer used and processes which you actually don’t want to have, such as FAX transfers, priority payments, etc. and you can also discuss these data in meetings with your banks.

  1. Bank charge categories which are the same for several bank groups and companies in a country are displayed as a summary.
  2. The highest and lowest prices are colour-coded in order to be able to rapidly identify outliers.
  3. The last column highlights the potential cost savings if all of the bank charges were calculated on the basis of the lowest price. This value can them be used as a basis for discussions with your banks.

Report features

  • An overview of potential cost savings at the touch of a button

  • Compare across bank groups and bank charge categories

  • A component of the dashboard reports for managing relationships with banking partners