Bank Charges Monitoring

Bank fees at a glance – group-wide!

Banks are increasingly providing electronic statements of charges which can be imported into TIP and analysed. This makes it child’s play to identify which charges are justified and which need to be discussed at the next meeting with the bank. Experience has shown: Depending on the country in question, an average of between 10% and 20% of all charges are billed incorrectly. TIP allows you to easily identify these and also to optimise your internal processes. What’s more, TIP allows you to determine the volumes for your next banking service RFPs, to identify dormant accounts and to close these. The cost-savings achievable will surprise you.

  1. TIP provides you with an overview of the number of your accounts, the amounts charged and any new charges which are incurred. Price deviations can also be identified.
  2. The total amounts are displayed by bank group. Details can be called up at the touch of a button
  3. The deviations from the agreed charges are displayed over time, as are newly opened accounts and charges.

Module features

  • Transparent presentation of agreed bank charges

  • Automatic analysis of incorrect bank account statements

  • As a data basis for cash management RFPs