Treasury expert solution and bespoke BI software rolled into one – our TIP modules:


Whether with or without a TMS –
TIP is the professional solution for your reporting.
Fast, simple and flexible. 

TIP without a TMS

Is the importance of treasury increasing as your company grows? Is the need for transparency with regard to your figures growing in importance? Do you need a fast and simple solution in order to set up group-wide financial status reporting and cash flow forecasting? TIP Is a cost-effective alternative to the procurement of a treasury management system and one which can be rolled out with minimal work and time inputs. MORE

TIP plus a TMS

Do you already have other systems in place besides your TMS? Are you unable to access the forecasts of your subsidiaries due to the fact that these are not integrated into your TMS? Are your guarantees managed in Excel? Are your I/C positons in the ERP system? TIP is a simple solution for integrating your in-house systems as well as your decentralised subsidiaries. TIP is highly automated and easy to use, which ensures compliance and acceptance levels on the part of your subsidiaries. MORE

Over 16,500 TIP users on a daily basis. Take a look at our success stories.

What makes TIP so special?

TIPCO is a spinoff of Schwabe, Ley & Greiner.
Thanks to many years of cooperation with the leading treasury consultancy firm in the German-speaking region, we know how important an understanding of treasury is for the success implementation of treasury processes. TIPCO therefore consists of both IT specialists and experienced treasury experts.

TIP simplifies global communication with your subsidiaries.
Subsidiaries have little time, lots of work and the ‘advantage’ of often being miles away from their parent company. TIP provides both sides with simple, web-based access to one and the same system. This significantly simplifies communication and is the key to compliance. What’s more: information is exchanged in real time and there is no need to install software.

TIP saves you times and eliminates sources of error.
Corporate divisions frequently have their own system landscapes and many systems are also used by parent companies. TIP has numerous interfaces in order to import data automatically. This avoids the need to capture data manually multiple times, which is one of the most common causes of inaccurate data.

TIP updates your data within seconds.
Our data model has been optimised to reflect the special requirements of treasury reporting. This advantage is clearest in the case of high data volumes. In the past this has enabled us to reduce the runtime of reports from eight hours to just a few seconds. TIP reports are based on centrally managed data pools which allow changes to be made easily and at any time. As a result you retain the maximum degree of flexibility in response to changing requirements.

TIP only displays what every user really needs to see.
TIP is intuitive. Not only because the menu structure has been designed appropriately, but primarily because every user only sees those data, buttons and functions which they really need. This increases acceptance levels at your subsidiaries and avoids frustration and incorrect inputs.

Our customers frequently give our support top marks.
We respond to your requests within minutes and resolve issues as fast as possible. Regardless of whether you can’t access or don’t know how to enter data, our support team is there to help. TIPCO has also been ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SMETA 4-certified since 2014. This ensures that your company data are managed securely.

TIP adapts to match your requirements.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel every day, which is why TIP offers both standard solutions as well as numerous options to make tailor-made modifications. It is this combination which allows us to work efficiently and flexibly for you. This not only stretches your budget but also guarantees you get the perfect solution for your treasury requirements.